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Vincent d'Amérique recommends Google Chrome
For an optimal performance, Vincent d’Amérique recommends that you use the Chrome web browser by Google. However, you can still keep using Internet Explorer and buy from our store securely.

Download Google Chrome at the following link.


Are all items in your stores available online?

No. Some items are exclusive to our stores.

Are prices the same online as they are in stores?

Yes. Our prices in our stores and on are always the same, though shipping fees are still appliable.

Am I obligated to create a user account to buy items on the online store?

You are never tied to the obligation of creating an account to buy on our online store. You can always buy as a guest.

Am i obligated to buy the products i put in my bag?

You are never obligated to buy what you’ve put in your bag.

What are the accepted payment methods on Vincent d’Amérique’s online store?

We accept the following payment methods

  • Credit card (Visa and Master Card)
  • Paypal

How much are the shipping fees?

Shipping fees are fixed at 8$ an order for all Canadian shipping.

What are normal shipping delays?

5 to 7 open days are needed for a Canadian order.

Can I receive my order at another shipping address?

Yes you can receive your orders anywhere in Canada.

Can I track my orders ?

Yes. Just after your order’s confirmation, you will recieve an email with a Canada Post tracking code.

Can I get a refund in your stores.

Yes, though we only refund orders with a credit in our stores.

Are my personal informations safe?

Yes. All your transactions are hosted on a SSL certified server.

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